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The Glories Of Mary


Prayer to Mary most holy to obtain deliverance from hell.

OH my dearest Lady, I thank thee that thou
hast so often rescued me from hell : as often as I
have deserved it through my sins. Oh miserable
sinner I was already condemned to that prison,
and that sentence would perhaps have been
executed upon me after my first sin, if thou hadst
not in thy mercy helped me. Thou wast not
even invoked by me, but by thy mercy alone
thou hast restrained the divine justice, and then
subduing my hard-heartedness, hast drawn me to
take confidence in thee. And oh, into how
many sins I should have fallen in the dangers to
which I r ve been exposed, if thou, my most
loving mother, hadst not preserved me by the
graces which thou hast obtained for me ! Ah,
my queen, still preserve me from hell. But of
what avail will be thy mercy and the favora
that thou hast bestowed on me, if I should be
condemned ? If once I loved thee not, now, after
God, I love thee above everything. Ah, do not
permit that I should turn my back upon thee
and upon God, who, through thee, hath dispensed
to me so many mercies. My most amiable
Lady, do not permit that I should hate and curse
thee in hell. Wilt thou suffer a servant of thine
who loves thee to be lost ? Oh Mary, what dost
thou say to me ? I shall be lost if I leave thee.
But who could have the heart to leave thee ?
How could I forget the love thou hast borne me ?
My mother, since thou hast done so much to
save me, complete the work ; continue to aid me.
Dost thou wish to help me ? But what do I
say ? If thou didst show me so much favor
when I lived forgetful of thee, how much more
ought I now to hope, when I love thee and
recommend myself to thee ! No, he who has
recourse to thee is never lost ; only he who
does not recommend himself to thee. Ah, my
mother, do not leave me in my own hands, for I
shall be lost ; make me always to have recourse
to thee. Save me, my hope, save me from hell ;
but first from sin, which alone can condemn me to hell


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