The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus


Abecedario, Tercer, iv. 8.

Agony in raptures, xx. 15.

Ahumada, de, Antonio, iv. 1.

Ahumada, de, Doña Beatriz, mother of St. Teresa, death of, i. 7; seen in heaven by the Saint, xxxviii. 1.

Ahumada, de, Juana, sister of the Saint, xxxiii. 13.

Alcala, monastery founded in, xxxvi. 29, note.

Alcantara. See St. Peter of Alcantara.

Almsgiving of the Saint, i. 6, Rel. ii. 3.

Alvarez, F. Baltasar, xxiv. 6, xxv. 18; mortifies the Saint, xxvi. 4; humility of, xxviii. 20; promise of, to protect the Saint, xxviii. 21; always consoled the Saint, xxix. 5; hesitates about the new foundation, xxxii. 16; commands the Saint to abandon it, xxxiii. 4; orders her to proceed, xxxiii. 13.

Alvarez, F. Rodrigo, Rel. viii.

Amendment of life, the work of prayer, viii. 6−12.

Amusements, vii. 1, Rel. i. 14.

Angels and evil spirits, vision of, xxxi. 11.

Angel, the Saint's vision of the, xxix. 16−18.

Answers to the Saint's prayers, xxxix. 1−7.

Antony, St., of Padua, xxii. 10.

Aranda, de, Don Gonzalo, xxxvi. 18.

Aridity, how it comes on in the second state of prayer, xv. 15.

Art, the, of serving God, xii. 2.

Ascent of the Mount, xxiii. 13.

Assumption, the, vision of, xxxix. 37.

Attachments, evil effects of worldly, xi. 5; xxiii. 5.

Augustin, St., Confessions of, ix. 8; effect of reading them on the Saint, ix. 9; saying of, xiii. 4. Avila, birthplace of St. Teresa, troubled by the new foundation: xxxvi. 14.

Avila, Bl., Juan of, Rel. vii. 9.

Báñes, Fr. Dom., xxxvi. 15; transmits the Saint's writings to the Inquisition, Rel. vii. 16. Barrientos. See Martin.

Barron, Fra Vicente, confessor of the Saint's father, vii. 26; hears the confession of the Saint, vii. 27, xix. 19. Beauty of our Lord, xxviii. 2, xxix. 2, xxxvii. 5; unimaginable, xxviii. 7.

Beginners, must toil, xi. 13; and persevere, xi. 15−17; not to be afraid of the cross, xi. 25; must be content, xii. 2; certain temptations of, vii. 16, xiii. 9; must begin humbly, xv. 19.

Bernard, St., xxii. 10.

Betrothal spiritual, of the Saint, Rel. ix. 8, 25. Bird, the soul likened to a, xviii. 13, xix. 22.

Bishopric, a, the Saint consulted about the acceptance of, xl. 21.

Blessed, the, joys of, x. 3.

Blindness healed through the prayer of the Saint, xxxix. 1.

Body, the, shares the joy of the soul in certain states of prayer, xvii. 14, xviii. 15; state of, in raptures, xx. 2, 4, 23; our Lord seen by the Saint always in His glorified, xxix. 4.

Book, a living, xxvi. 6.

Books insufficient without a director, xxii. 3. Borja, de, St. Francis. See Francis.

Brief, the, sanctioning the observances of St. Joseph's, xxxiv. 2, xxxvi. 1, xxxix. 20.

Brizeño, Doña Maria, ii. 12; influences the Saint, iii. 1.

Bulls, the Sabbatine, xxxviii. 40. Cardona, de, Doña Catalina, Rel. iii. 12.

Carmel, the Order of, vision concerning, Rel. iii. 14; advice to, Rel. x.

Caterpillar of self−respect, xxxi. 24.

Catherine, St., of Siena, xxii. 10.

Censoriousness of the world, xxxi. 19.

Cepeda, de, Alfonso Sanchez, father of the Saint, fond of spiritual books, i. 1; gives his daughter Maria in marriage, ii. 4, note, 8; places the Saint at school in a monastery, ii. 8; would not consent to her becoming a nun, iii. 9; takes her to Bezadas to be cured, v. 5, 6; brings her to his house in Avila, v. 15; hinders her from making her confession in an illness, v. 17; persuaded by the Saint to practise mental prayer, vii. 16; makes progress therein, vii. 20; holy death of, vii. 22−25; seen in heaven by the Saint, xxxviii. 1.

Cepeda, de, Don Lorenzo, finds money for the new monastery of St. Joseph, xxxiii. 13.

Cepeda, de, Maria, sister of the Saint, ii. 4; sudden death of, xxxiv. 24; seen in heaven by the Saint, xxxiv. 25. Cerda, de la, Doña Luisa, xxxiv. 1; attracted by the Saint, xxxiv. 4; visited by St. Peter of Alcantara, xxxv. 6;tries to amuse the Saint by showing her diamonds, xxxviii. 5; the Saint's watchfulness over herself in the house of, xxxix. 11.

Cheerfulness, importance of, xii. 1.

Cherubim, xxix. 16.

Choice of a director, xiii. 28, 29.

Church, the, ceremonies of, xxxi. 4; the Saint's reverence for, xxxiii. 6.

Clare, St., encourages the Saint, xxxiii. 15.

Comforts, worldly, the Saint's fear of, xxxiv. 4.

Communion, effects of the Saint's, xvi. 3−10, xviii. 10−18, xxx. 16, xxxviii. 24, Rel. iv. 5, Rel. ix. 13; the Saint's longing for, xxxix. 31; graces of, Rel. ix. 20.

Complaint, loving, of the Saint, xxxvii. 13.

Confession, frequent, of the Saint, v. 17; matter of, Rel. v. 11.

Confessors, the Saint's difficulty in finding, iv. 8, 13; harm done by ill−instructed, v. 6, 20, vi. 6; one of them misleads the Saint, viii. 15; unskilful, xx. 28; wrong counsel of, xxvi. 5; of the Saint harsh with her, xxx. 15; obedience of the Saint to her, xxiii. 19, xxxiii. 4, 5, Rel, i. 9; the Saint rebuked for her affection to her, xxxvii. 6; names of the Saint's, Rel. vii. 5, 11, 12, 13.

Consecration, power of the words of, xxxviii. 30.

Consolations, xi. 21; not to be sought for, xxii. 15.

Contemplation, xxii. 1; why granted to imperfect souls, xxii. 22, 23.

Contempt, Satan shuns, xxxi. 10; the Saint directed to treat her visions with, xxix. 6. Contradiction of good people, xxviii. 24, xxx. 6.

Conversation, worldly, vii. 10; danger of, ii. 5, vii. 10; delight of our Lord in spiritual, xxxiv. 20. Conversion of a wicked priest, v. 12; of a sinner, xxxix. 5.

Courage of the Saint, viii. 10; necessity of, x. 8; effects of, xiii. 3; necessary in the way of perfection, xxxi. 19.

Covetousness, xxxiii. 14.

Cowardice, spiritual, xiii. 6.

Creator, the, traces of, in things visible, ix. 6.

Crosses, xi. 8; desired by souls in the prayer of imperfect union, xvi. 9.

Cross, the, way of, xi. 8, xv. 17, 21; necessity of carrying, xxvii. 14.

Daza, Gaspar, xxiii. 6; thought the Saint was deluded by an evil spirit, xxiii. 16; approved of the new foundation, xxxii. 21.

Delusion, a, into which the Saint fell, xxii. 3; the Saint always prayed to be delivered from, xxix. 6.

Delusions incidental to locutions, xxv. 3, 11.

Desires, good, xiii. 8, xxi. 9, Rel. xi. 5.

Desolation, spiritual, of the Saint, xxx. 10.

Detachment, blessing of, xi. 2, xxxiv. 20; necessity of, for prayer, xi. 16, xv. 17; of the perfect, xv. 18; an effect of raptures, xviii. 8, xx. 10; takes away the fear of death, xxxviii. 7; the Saint's, from kindred, xxxi. 22, Rel. ii. 5, Rel. ix. 11; from directors, Rel. iv. 3.

Detraction, avoided by the Saint, vi. 4, vii. 3; insensibility to, Rel. ii. 4.

Detractors, the Saint prays for her, xix. 11.

Devotion, sweetness in, never asked for by the Saint, ix. 10; but once, ix. 11; those who seek it censured, xi.21; the Saint's, increased by difficulties, xxviii. 10.

Die, either to, or suffer, xl. 27.

Direction, unskilful, viii. 15, 16; importance of, xiii. 4; methods of wrong, xiii. 25; not to be the same for all, xxxix. 16.

Directors ought to be experienced, xiii. 21; and prudent, xiii. 24; and learned, xiii. 26; choice of, xiii. 28; charity of, xiii. 29; should be secret, xxiii. 14; and humble, xxxiv. 15; should be trusted, xxxix. 35; necessary, xl. 12; the Saint preferred those who distrusted her, Rel. vii. 18.

Discouragements, xi. 15; must be resisted, xix. 6; certain causes of, xxxi. 21.

Discretion, xi. 23, xiii. 2; excessive, xiii. 8.

Distraction of the understanding in the prayer of quiet, xv. 10, xxx. 19; in monasteries not caused by poverty, xxxv. 3.

Distrust of self, viii. 18, ix. 3; necessity of, xix. 20. "Domine, da mihi aquam," xxx. 24.

Dominicans, the, help St. Teresa, v. 8, Rel. vii. 11−14.

Dominion, true, xl. 21.

Dove, vision of a, xxxviii. 13, 14.

Ecija, vow of the Saint in the hermitage of, Rel. vi. 3.

Ecstasy, xx. 1; how wrought, xx. 2; fear during, xx. 9; first, of the Saint, xxiv. 7.

Egypt, flesh−pots of, xv. 5.

Elevation of the spirit not to be attempted in union, xviii. 8.

Eliseus. See Jerome, Fra, of the Mother of God.

Enclosure, observance of, how important, vii. 5.

Endowments not accepted by the Saint for her monasteries, xxxv. 4, 5; offered for St. Joseph, xxxvi. 19; and forbidden by a Brief, xxxix. 20.

Envy, a holy, xxxix. 19.

Exorcisms, the Saint threatened with, Boll. 211, xxix. 4.

Experience, more valuable than books, xiv. 10; a safeguard against delusion, xiv. 11.

Faith, the, Satan was never able to make the Saint doubt, xix. 13; blessed effects of, xxv. 16. Falls turn to our good, xix. 8.

Fear, xxv. 27; of God, xxvi. 1.

Founders of religious Orders, xxxii. 17. Francis, St., xxii. 10.

Francis, St., de Borja visits the Saint, xxiv. 4; consulted by her, Rel. vii. 5.

Friendship, advantages of spiritual, vii. 33−37, xxx. 6; with God, xv. 8; the Saint's detachment from, xxiv. 8.

Friendship, worldly, dangers of, ii. 4, v. 9; deceitfulness of, xxi. 1.

Garden, the prayer in the, ix. 5; the soul likened to a, xi. 10, xiv. 13.

Gifts of God, the, importance of discerning, x. 4; demand our gratitude, x. 7; supply strength, x. 8; a grace to understand, xvii. 7; the Saint erroneously advised to conceal, xxvi. 5; given according to His will, xxxiv. 14, xxxix. 12; the Saint's joy when others received, xxxiv. 21.

God, sense of the presence of, x. 1; helps those who love Him, xi. 19; never fails those who trust Him, xiii. 15;munificence of, xviii. 5; the Saint has a vision of, xl. 13, 14; pain of absence from, Rel. iv. 6.

Grace, prayer the door of, viii. 13; comes after trials, xi. 18; the Saint's distress because she could not know whether she was in a state of, xxxiv. 12; vision of a soul in, Rel. iii. 13.

Guzman, de, y Barrientos, Don Martin, sudden death of, xxxiv. 24. Hardships of the religious life, xiii. 30.

Health, anxiety about, v. 3−8; importance of, in the spiritual life, xi. 23; to be made little of, xiii. 9.

Heaven, Queen of, xix. 9; revealed in raptures, xxxiii. 16, xxxviii. 8.

Hell, a vision of, xxx. 14, xxxii. 1; effects of, on the Saint, xxxii. 7−10.

Heretics, self−condemned, vii. 8; evil state of, xxxii. 9; resemble a broken mirror, xl. 9. Hilarion, St., the Saint commends herself to, xxvii. 2.

Honour, point of, xxi. 12.

Hugo, Fra, Cardinal of Santa Sabina, xxxvi. 27.

Humanity, the Sacred, xii. 3, xxii. 1; mistake of the Saint concerning, xxii. 3; source of all grace, xxii. 9; never to be lost sight of in prayer, xxii. 11; the Saint directed to fix her thoughts on, xxiii. 18; the Saint renews her love of, xxiv. 2; vision of, xxviii. 4, xxxviii. 22.Humility, advantages of, vii. 37, xii. 9; false kinds of, x. 4, xiii. 4; the foundation of the Christian life, xii. 5; worth more than all the science in the world, xv. 13; grows most in the state of perfect union, xix. 2; dangers of false, xix. 15−23; acquired in raptures, xx. 38; foundation of prayer must be laid in, xxii. 16; a false, the most crafty device of Satan, xxx. 12; asking for consolations not consistent with, xxxix. 21−23.

Hypocrisy, the Saint not tempted to, vii. 2, Rel. i. 18.

Ibañez, Fra Pedro, x. 10, note, xvi. 10; note 6; consulted by the Saint about the new foundation, xxxii. 19; encourages the Saint to persevere, xxxii. 20; confident of success, xxxiii. 5; departs from Avila, xxxiii. 7; advises the Saint to accept an endowment for the new foundation, xxxv. 5; changes his opinion, xxxv. 7; and helps the Saint, xxxvi. 23; seen by the Saint in a vision, xxxviii. 15, 16.

Illness of St. Teresa, iv. 6, v. 4; extreme severity of, v. 14.

Image of our Lord not to be mocked, xxix. 7.

Images, devotion of the Saint to, vii. 3; effects of, on her, ix. 1−3; great blessing of, ix. 7. Imagination of St. Teresa not active, ix. 6; wearisome to her, xvii. 9.

Imitation of the Saints, xiii. 5−9.

Imperfections, rooting up of, xiv. 14.

Impetuosities in prayer, xxix. 11−13, Rel. i. 3, Rel. viii. 13.

Impetuosities of divine love, xxix. 10, 11, 13, xxxiii. 9; physical effects of, xxix. 15.

Incarnation, the monastery of the, the Saint enters, iv. 1; the nuns of, complain of the Saint, xix. 12; the Saint tempted to leave, xxxi. 16; the rule not strictly observed in, xxxii. 12; the Saint's affection for, xxxii. 13, xxxiii. 3; nuns of, object to the new foundation, xxxiii. 2; election of prioress, xxxv. 8; the Saint returns to, from Toledo, xxxv. 10, xxxvi. 1; troubled because of the new foundation, xxxvi. 11.

Indisposition, bodily, evil effects of, on the spiritual life, xi. 23.

Ingratitude, delusion arising from the dread of, xxiv. 6; the Saint bewails her, xiv. 16. Inquisition, the, threats of denouncing the Saint to, xxxiii. 6.

Inspirations, good, not to be resisted, iv. 3.

Intentions, good, no excuse for an evil act, v. 12.

Jerome, Fra, of the Mother of God, Rel. vi. 1−3, Rel. ix. 7, 21, 23, 26.

Jerome, St., xi. 17, xxxviii. 2; the Saint reads the letters of, iii. 8.

Jesus, the Society of, helps the Saint, v. 8; sought by her, xxiii. 3, 19; visions concerning, xxxviii. 17, 39.

Job, patience of, v. 16; trial of, xxx. 12.

John, St., of the Cross, Rel. iii. 19.

Joseph, St., great devotion of the Saint to, vi. 9, xxx. 8, xxxvi. 5; the teacher of prayer, vi. 12; encourages the Saint, xxxiii. 14; vision of, xxxiii. 16.

Joseph, St., the monastery of, purchase of the site of, xxxii. 22; not to be subject to the Order, xxxiii. 18; paradise of God's delight, xxxv. 13; foundation of, xxxvi. 4; destruction of, threatened by the council of the city, xxxvi. 14; obtains the good will of the people, xxxvi. 25; goodness of the nuns of, xxxix. 14.

Joys, of prayer, x. 3; of visions, xxvii. 13; of the saved, xxvii. 15.

Judas, temptation of, xix. 16.

Judgment, day of, xl. 16.

Kindred, detachment from, xxxi. 22, Rel. ix. 11.

Kings, obligations of, xxi. 2, 4; wherein lies the power of, xxxvii. 8.

Labourer, story of a, xxxviii. 26.

Laxity in religious houses, vii. 6−10.

Learning, accompanied with humility, a help to prayer, xii. 6; useful in directors, xiii. 24−26; the Saint wishes for, xiv. 9; not necessary in prayer, xv. 12.

Lie, a, Satan is, xxv. 26; the Saint's hatred of, xxviii. 6.

Life, the, of the Saint, under what circumstances written, x. 11.

Life, weariness of, xxi. 8; the illuminative, xxii. 1.

Light of visions, xxviii. 7, xxxviii. 3.

Locutions, divine, xix. 14, xxv. 1, 2; delusions incidental to, xxv. 3, 11; efficacy of, xxv. 5, 12; human, xxv. 8; Satanic, xxv. 13; tests of the Satanic, xxv. 17; nature of, xxvi. 3; state of the understanding during, xxvii. 10; effects of the divine, xxxviii. 19−21.

Locutions heard by the Saint, xviii. 18, xix. 13, xxiv. 7, xxv. 22, xxvi. 3, 6, xxix. 7, xxx. 17, xxxi. 15, xxxii.7, xxxiii. 10, 14, xxxv. 7, 9, xxxvi. 20, xxxviii. 4, 19, 20, xxxix. 29, 34, xl. 1, 21, 24, Rel. iii. 1, passim, Rel. iv. 4, 5, 6, Rel. ix. 1, passim.

Lord, our, accounted mad, xxvii. 15.

Love, joyous, in seeing a picture of Christ, ix. 7; servants of, xi. 1; wherein it consists, xi. 20; vehement in perfect souls, xv. 6; effects of divine, xxii. 21; makes itself known without words, xxvii. 12; impetuosities of, xxix. 10, 11; fire of, xxx. 25.

Loyalty, worldly, v. 9.

Ludolf of Saxony, xxxviii. 11.

Lukewarmness, vii. 1.

Lutherans, xxxii. 9, Rel. ii. 14; destroyers of images, Rel. v. 5. Madness, spiritual, xvi. 1−8, xxvii. 15.

Magdalene, the, ix. 2, xxi. 9; her example to be followed, xxii. 19.

Mancio, F., Rel. ii. 18.

Mantles of the religious folded by the Saint, xxxi. 27.

Maria of Jesus, xxxv. 1; founds a house in Alcala de Henares, xxxvi. 29.

Martin, Don, Guzman y Barrientos, marries a sister of the Saint, ii. 4, note, iii. 4; sudden death of, xxxiv. 24.

Martyrdom desired by the Saint, i. 4.

Martyrs, the, sufferings of, xvi. 6.

Mary and Martha, xvii. 6, xxii. 13.

Meditation, advantage of, iv. 11; fruits of, xi. 20; example of a, xiii. 19; the perfect may have to return to, xv.20.

Memory, the, in the prayer of imperfect union, xvii. 5, 9; troublesome, but not hurtful, xvii. 11.

Mendoza, de, Don Alvaro, Bishop of Avila, xxxiii. 19; protects the new monastery of St. Joseph, xxxvi. 18. Men, great, difficult of access, xxxvii. 7.

Mercies of God, the remembrance of, xv. 23.

Michael, St., the Saint commends herself to, xxvii. 2.

Misdirection, a, corrected by the Saint, xiii. 22.

Mitigation, the Bull of, xxxii. 12; disused in the new monastery, xxxvi. 27, 28.

Monasteries, courts in politeness, xxxvii. 17.

Munificence of God, xviii. 5, xxii. 26.

Neatness, excessive, ii. 2, Rel. i. 23. Novices in St. Joseph's, xxxix. 15.

Novitiate of the Saint, v. 1.

Nun, illness of a, in the monastery of the Incarnation, v. 3; visions concerning a, xxxviii. 37, 38.

Obedience, the Saint writes under, xviii. 10; strict observance of, in the Society of Jesus, xxxiii. 9; of the Saint to her confessors, xxiii. 19, Rel. i. 9, 29, Rel. vii. 14.

Objects, natural, moved the Saint to devotion, ix. 6.

Ocampo, de, Mary, xxxii. 13, note.

Office, the divine, the Saint's imperfect knowledge of, xxxi. 26.

Order, vision concerning a certain, xl. 18, 19.

Osorno, Countess of, Rel. iii. 16.

Ovalle, de, Don Juan, xxxv. 14, note; providential illness of, xxxvi. 2.

Padranos, de, Juan, xxiii. 18; directs the Saint, xxiv. 1; removed from Avila, xxiv. 5.

Pain of raptures, xx. 11; sweetness of, xx. 19.

Paradise of His delight, xxxv. 13.

"Passer solitarius," xx. 13.

Passion, the, devotion of the Saint to, ix. 5; meditation on, xiii. 19, 20, xxii. 8.

Patience of a nun, v. 3; of the Saint, v. 16; of God, viii. 8.

Penance, necessity of, xxvii. 14; of the Saint, xxiv. 2, Rel. i. 5, Rel. ii. 11, Rel. xi. 2.

Perfection, xxi. 10; true safety lies in, xxxv. 15; not always attained to because of many years spent in prayer, xxxix. 21.

Persecution, of the Saint, xix. 12, xxxvi. 12; blessings of, xxxiii. 5.

Perseverance in prayer, viii. 5; fruits of, xi. 6; reward of, certain, xi. 17; the Saint prays for, xiv. 17; and recommends, xix. 7.

Peter, St., of Alcantara, xxvii. 4; penitential life of, xxvii. 17−21, xxx. 2; power of, with God, xxvii. 22; understands and comforts the Saint, xxx. 5, 7, Rel. vii. 6; quiets a scruple of the Saint, xxx. 20; approves of the new foundation, xxxii. 16; and of the observance of poverty in it, xxxv. 6; in Avila when the Saint came back from Toledo, xxxvi. 1; death of, xxxvi. 1, note; appears to the Saint, xxxvi. 20, 21; said that women make greater progress than men, xl. 12.

Phoenix, the, xxxix. 33.

Pilgrims, xxxviii. 8.

Pillar, the, meditations on Christ at, xiii. 19, 31.

Politeness, monasteries courts in, xxxvii. 17.

Poverty, effects of defective, xi. 3; of spirit, xxii. 17; the Saint's love of, xxxv. 3, Rel. i. 10, Rel. ii. 2.

Prayer, mental, viii. 7; blessings of, viii. 12; joys of, x. 3; the Saint's four states of, xi. 12; fruit of mental, xi. 20; vocal, xii. 3; doctrine of, difficult, xiii. 18; importance of persevering in, xv. 5; must have its foundations in humility, xxii. 16; of the Saint continued in sleep, xxix. 9; effects of intercessory, xxxi. 9; two kinds of, xxxix. 8−10; the Saint's method of, Rel. i. 1.

Preachers, xvi. 12.

Presence of God, the, xviii. 20; practice of the, xii. 3; effects of, in the prayer of quiet, xiv. 8; different from vision, xxvii. 6.

Priest, conversion of an evil−living, v. 9, xxxi. 7; vision concerning a, xxxviii. 29.

Progress made in the way of raptures, xxi. 11.

Prophecies made to the Saint, xxxiv. 23; fulfilled, Rel. ii. 6, 17.

Provincial, the, of the Carmelites offers to accept the new foundation, xxxii. 16; then declines it, xxxii. 18; sends the Saint to Toledo, xxxiv. 2; recalls her, xxxv. 8; reprimands the Saint, xxxvi. 12; allows the Saint to live in the new monastery, xxxvi. 23; death of, xxxviii. 34−36.

Purgatory, the Saint saw certain souls who were not sent to, xxxviii. 41; and delivers others from, xxxix. 6. Queen of heaven, the, devotion to, xix. 9.

Quiet, the prayer of, iv. 9, ix. 6, xiv. 1, passim; disturbed by the memory and the understanding, xiv. 5; joy of the soul in, xiv. 7; few souls pass beyond, xv. 3, 7; great fruits of, xv. 6; how the soul is to order itself in, xv. 9; difference between the true and false, xv. 15.

Rank, slavery of, xxxiv. 6.

Rapture, xx. 1; irresistible, xx. 3, xxii. 20; effects of, xx. 9, 30; pain of, xx. 11; loneliness of the soul in, xx. 13; characteristics of, xx. 23; duration of, xx. 25; physical effects of, xx. 29, Rel. i. 26, iv. 1; made the Saint long for heaven, xxxviii. 8; good effects of, Rel. i. 8, 15.

Reading, spiritual, i. 1, iv. 12, 13; persevered in by the Saint, viii. 14; long unprofitable to her, xii. 10; impossible in the prayer of perfect union, xviii. 14; a delight, Rel. i. 7.

Recollection, prayer of, xiv. 2, Rel. viii. 3.

Recreation, xiii. 1.

Reflections, making, when dangerous in prayer, xv. 11.

Reform, the Carmelite, beginning of, xxxii. 13.

Religious must despise the world, xxvii. 16.

Resignation of the Saint, xxi. 6, Rel. i. 20.

Revelations, the Saint never spoke of her, when she consulted her confessors, xxxii. 19. Rosary, the, of the Saint, xxix. 8.

Rule, the Carmelite, mitigation of, xxxii. 12; restored by the Saint, xxxvi. 27; observance of, xxxvi. 30, 31.

Salasar, de, Angel. See Provincial.

Salazar, de, Gaspar, Rector of the Society of Jesus in Avila, xxxiii. 9; understands the state of the Saint, xxxiii. 11; bids the Saint go to Toledo, xxxiv. 2; vision of the Saint concerning, xxxviii. 17.

Salcedo, de, Don Francisco, xxiii. 6; gives spiritual advice to the Saint, xxiii. 11; fears delusions, xxiii. 12; helps the Saint in her new foundation, xxxii. 21, xxxvi. 21; hospitable, xxxvi. 1; gives Communion to the Saint when a priest, Rel. iii. 7.

Samaria, the woman of, xxx. 24.

Satan, subtlety of, iv. 14; an artifice of, vii. 12, 35; suggests a false humility, xiii. 5; and a carefulness for health, xiii. 9; afraid of learned directors who are humble, xiii. 26; efforts of, to deceive, how thwarted, xv. 16; tempted the Saint to give up prayer, xix. 8; a lie, xxv. 26; unable to counterfeit intellectual visions, xxvii. 4−8; tries to counterfeit imaginary visions, xxviii. 15; appears to the Saint, xxxi. 2; dislikes contempt, xxxi. 10; wiles of, Rel. i. 29.

Scandal, xxvii. 16.

Scorn, signs of, not to be made during visions, xxix. 6.

Self, contempt of, necessary in the spiritual life, xxxi. 23. Self−denial, necessity of, xxxi. 25.

Self−knowledge, xiii. 23.

Self−love, xi. 2; strong and hurtful, xi. 4, 5.

Self−respect, harm of, xxi. 12.

Senses, the, suspension of, in the prayer of perfect union, xviii. 19. Sensitiveness, xi. 4.

Sermons, viii. 17; without simplicity, xvi. 12.

Shame, good fruits of, v. 9.

Sicknesses of the Saint, xxx. 9.

Sickness sent for penance, xxiv. 2.

Sight restored at the prayer of the Saint, xxxix. 1.

Sincerity of the Saint, Rel. i. 28.

Sin, occasions of, viii. 14; pain occasioned by the sins of others, xiii. 14; original, xxx. 20; the Saint, by her prayers, hinders a great, xxxix. 3; wickedness of, xl. 15; vision of a soul in, Rel. iii. 13.

Sins, the Saint consents to the divulging of her, x. 10.

Solitude, longings for, i. 6, vi. 5, Rel. i. 6. Sorcery, v. 10.

Soto, de, the Inquisitor, Rel. vii. 8.

Soul, our own, the first object, xiii. 13, 14; likened to a garden, xi. 10, xiv. 13; in the prayer of quiet, xv. 1; growth of, xv. 20; powers of, in the prayer of imperfect union, xvi. 1, 4; beside itself, xvi. 1−5; crucifixion of, in raptures, xx. 14; detachment of the enraptured, xx. 33; strengthened in raptures, xxi. 14; effects of visions in, xxvii. 11; helplessness of, without God, xxxvii. 11; vision of a lost soul, xxxviii. 31; the Saint's vision of her own, xl. 8; and of, in a state of grace, Rel. iii. 13, Rel. v. 6.

Spirit, liberty of, xi. 25; poverty of, xxii. 17; flight of the, xviii. 8, Rel. viii. 11.

Spirits, evil, put to flight, xxv. 25; by holy water, xxxi. 4.

Spirituality influenced by bodily health, xi. 24.

Suarez, Juana, iii. 2; accompanies the Saint to Bezadas, iv. 6.

Sufferings, physical, of the Saint, iv. 7, v. 4, 14, vi. 1; of raptures, xx. 16; the Saint longs for, xl. 27.

Sweetness, spiritual, never sought by the Saint but once, ix. 11; seekers of, censured, xi. 21; of the pain of raptures, xx. 19; the Saint unable to resist it at times, xxiv. 1.

Tears, gift of, iv. 8, xxix. 11; of the Saint before a picture of the Passion, ix. 1; in the prayer of quiet, xiv. 5; in the prayer of perfect union, xix. 1, 2; the Saint prays God to accept her, xix. 10.

Temptation, power of, xxx. 13. Tenderness of soul, x. 2.

Teresa, St., desires martyrdom, i. 4; placed in a monastery, ii. 8; unwilling to become a nun, ii. 10; becomes more fervent, iii. 2; is resolved to follow her vocation, iii. 6; first fervours of, iv. 2; failure of health, iv. 6; God sends her an illness, v. 4; suffers grievously, vi. 1; afraid of prayer, vi. 5; leads her father to prayer, vii. 16; present at her father's death, vii. 22; perseveres in prayer, viii. 2; found it hard to pray, viii. 10; delights in sermons, viii. 17; devout to the Magdalene, ix. 2; never doubted of God's mercy, ix. 8; depreciates herself, x. 9; willing to have her sins divulged, x. 10; always sought for light, x. 13; complains of her memory, xi. 9; unable to explain the state of her soul, xii. 10; supernaturally enlightened, xii. 11; reads books on prayer to no purpose, xiv. 10; writes with many hindrances, xiv. 12, xl. 32; bewails her ingratitude, xiv. 16; scarcely understood a word of Latin, xv. 12; understands her state in the prayer of imperfect union, xvi. 3; and describes it, xvi. 6; bewails her unworthiness, xviii. 6; writes under obedience, xviii. 10; confesses ignorance, xviii. 20; abandons her prayers for a time, xix. 8; evil spoken of, xix. 12; misled by false humility, xix. 23; prays to be delivered from raptures, xx. 5, 6; never cared for money, xx. 34; gives up her whole being to God, xxi. 7; unable to learn from books, xxii. 3; afraid of delusions, xxiii. 3; is directed by a layman, xxiii. 10; severe to herself, xxiv. 2; her first ecstasy, xxiv. 7; had no visions before the prayer of union, xxv. 14; told by her confessor that she was deluded by Satan, xxv. 18; prays to be led by a different spiritual way, xxv. 20, xxvii. 3, Rel. vii. 7; not afraid of Satan, xxv. 27; spoken against, xxvi. 3; troubles of, because of visions, xxvii. 4, xxviii. 6; her defence when told that her visions were false, xxviii. 18, 19; afraid nobody would hear her confession, xxviii. 20; harshly judged by her directors, xxviii. 23; would not exchange her visions for all the pleasures of the world, xxix. 5; vehemence of her love, xxix. 10; her supernatural wound, xxix. 17; manifests her spiritual state to St. Peter of Alcantara, xxx. 4; bodily trials of, xxx. 17; finds no relief in exterior occupations, xxx. 18; buffeted by Satan, xxxi. 3; converts a great sinner, xxxi. 7; troubled because well thought of, xxxi. 13−17; her singing of the Office, xxxi. 26; commanded to labour for the reform of her Order, xxxii. 14; commanded to abandon her purpose, xxxiii. 1; her vision in the Dominican church, Avila, xxxiii. 6; goes to Toledo, xxxiv. 3; the nuns wish to have her as their Prioress, xxxv. 8; restores a child to life, xxxv. 14, note; begins the Reform, xxxvi. 4; her grievous trial, xxxvi. 6, 7; her health improved, xxxvi. 9; would suffer all things for one additional degree of glory, xxxvii. 3; her affection for her confessors, xxxvii. 6; supernaturally helped when writing, xxxviii. 28; obtains sight for a blind person, xxxix. 1; and the cure of one of her kindred, xxxix. 2; her spiritual state became known without her consent, xl. 28; submits all her writings to the Roman Church, Rel. vii. 16.

Theology, mystical, x. 1, xi. 8, xii. 8; the Saint says she does not know the terms of, xviii. 4. Thomas, St., assisted at the deathbed of Fra P. Ibañez, xxxviii. 15.

Throne, vision of a, xxxix. 31, 32.

Trance, a, xviii. 17, xx. 1; outward effects of, xl. 11; gradual, Rel. viii. 10. Transport, Rel. viii. 10.

Trials followed by graces, xi. 18; promised to the Saint, xxxv. 9; shown her in a vision, xxxix. 25.

Trinity, the, mystery of, revealed to the Saint, xxxix. 36; visions of, Rel. iii. 6, Rel. v. 6−8, Rel. viii. 20, Rel. ix. 12.

Truth, divine, xl. 3−7.

Ulloa, de, Doña Guiomar, xxiv. 5; takes the Saint to her house, xxx. 3; helps the Saint to accomplish the reform, xxxii. 13; is refused absolution, xxxii. 18.

Understanding, the, use of in prayer, xiii. 17; disorderly, xv. 10; powerless in the state of imperfect union, xvi. 4; and of the perfect union, xviii. 19; the Saint speaks humbly of her, xxviii. 10.

Union, imperfect, prayer of, xvi. 1; a mystical death, ib.; the soul resigned therein, xvii. 1; how it differs from the prayer of quiet, xvii. 5, 6; another degree of, xvii. 7; the labour of the soul lessens in the later states of, xviii. 1.

Union, perfect, prayer of, xviii. 1; the senses wholly absorbed in, xviii. 3, 14; duration of, xviii. 16; fruits of, xix. 4.

Union, prayer of, iv. 9; followed by visions in the Saint, xxv. 14. Union, what it is, Rel. v. 2; of the faculties of the soul, Rel. viii. 7. Vainglory, vii. 2, 34, x. 5, Rel. i. 18, Rel. ii. 15, Rel. vii. 23.

Vanity of possessions, xx. 35; the Saint's watchfulness over herself herein, xxxix. 11.

Virtue, growth of, in the prayer of quiet, xiv. 6; and in that of imperfect union, xvii. 4.

Visions, our Lord seen in, vii. 11, xxv. 14, xxvii. 3, xxviii. 2; intellectual, xxvii. 4; different from the sense of the presence of God, xxvii. 6; joy of, xxvii. 13; imaginary, xxviii. 5; effects of, in the soul, xxviii. 13; Satan tried to simulate, xxviii. 15; effects of, in the Saint, xxviii. 19; cessation of the Saint's imaginary, xxix. 2; of the Sacred Humanity, effects of, xxxviii. 23.

Water, holy, puts evil spirits to flight, xxxi. 4, 5, 9, 10.

Water, the first, xi. 13; the second, xiv. 1; the third, xvi. 1; the fourth, xviii. 1.

Will, the state of, in the prayer of quiet, xiv. 4, xv. 2, 10; in the prayer of imperfect union, xviii. 16. Women, great care necessary in the direction of, xxiii. 14, 15; make greater progress than men, xl. 12.

World, the, contempt of, x. 7, xxvii. 16; customs of, wearisome, xxxvii. 15, 16; hard on good people, xxxi. 19; vanity of, Rel. i. 21.

Wound of the soul, Rel. viii. 16; of love, Rel. viii. 17. Ybañez. See Ibañez.

Yepes, Rel. ix. 1.

Zeal, indiscreet, xiii. 11.

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