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The Glories Of Mary



1st. "Mater amabilis:" Amiable mother. Richard of St. Lawrence says that the blessed Virgin was amiable in the eyes of God himself: "Fuit beata Virgo arnabilis oculis ipsius Dei." Mary was so beautiful in the eyes of God, that God was enamored of her beauty. How beautiful art thou, my love! how beautiful art thou! "Quam pulchra es, arnica mea, quam pulchra es." Hence he called her his only dove, his only perfect one: One is my dove; my perfect one is but one: " Unaest columba mea, una est perfecta mea." It is certain, as Father Suarez says, that God loves Mary more than all the other saints together, and justly, for she alone loves God more than all men and all the angels. Oh Mary, most pure; oh Mary, most lovely, thou didst gain the heart of God; take possession of my poor heart also, and make me holy. I love thee, and I confide in thee. Amiable mother, pray for us; "Mater amabilis, ora pro nobis."

2d. "Mater Salvatoris:" Mother of the Saviour. St. Bonaventure calls Mary the mediatrix of our salvation: "Maria mediatrix nostrse salutis;" and St. John Damascene: The deliverer of the world: "Salvatrix mundi suo rnodo." For two reasons, Mary may be called the deliverer of the world and our mediatrix; that is, mediatrix of grace, as Jesus Christ is the mediator of justice. First, by the consent she gave to the incarnation of the Word; for by such a consent, says St. Bernardine she procured for us salvation: "Per hunc consensum omnium salutem procuravit." Secondly, by the consent which Mary gave to the death of her Son, being willing that for our salvation, he should be sacrificed on the cross. I will say to thee then, oh mother of my Saviour, thou who once didst offer to God the life of thy Son, save me now by thy intercession.

3d. "Virgo veneranda:" Virgin most venerable. St. Anselm declares, that when we say of Mary that she is the mother of God, we say that she surpasses in greatness, after God, every thing that can be conceived or expressed whence he says to her: Oh Lady, nothing is equal to thee for every thing is either above thee, and that is God; or it is beneath thee, and that is every thing that is not God. In a word, St. Bernardine says that God alone can know the greatness of Mary; and the blessed Albertus Magnus affirms that Mary could not be more united to God except by becoming God. "Magis Deo conjungi non potuit, nisi fieret Deus." Truly worthy then of our veneration is this great mother of God, for God himself could not make her greater than he has done, by making her his mother. Oh, mother of God, and my mother, Mary, I adore thee, and would wish thee to be adored by all hearts, as that exalted Lady thou art. Have mercy on a poor sinner, who loves thee and trusts in thee. Virgin most venerable, pray for us: "Virgo veneranda, ora pro nobis."


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