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The Glories Of Mary


Examples 61-70

61. Another novice, also overcome by temp tation, was about to leave his monastery, but stopping to say a "Hail Mary" before an image of the Virgin, he felt himself nailed, as it were, to the floor, from which he could not rise. He repented, and made a vow of persevering. He then recovered his liberty, asked pardon of the master of novices, and persevered.

62. The blessed Clement, a Franciscan, one morning delayed going to the common table, that he might stop and recite certain accustomed devotions to the most holy Virgin; but she spoke from her image, and directed him to go with the others, because obedience pleased her more than all other devotions.

63. Whilst Angela, a daughter of the King of Bohemia, was in a monastery, Mary appeared to her, and an angel said to her: "Arise, Angela, and fly to Jerusalem, for thy father wishes to give thee in marriage to the prince of Hungary." The devout virgin immediately set on her journey, and again the divine mother appeared to her and encouraged her to continue her journey. She was received in Jerusalem among the Carmelites, and afterwards was commanded by the blessed Virgin herself to return to her own country, where she lived a holy life till her death.

64. St. Gregory relates that there was a young woman named Musa, who had great devotion to the mother of God; but being, through the evil example of her companions, in danger of losing her innocence, one day Mary appeared to her with many saints, and said to her: "Musa, do you too wish to be one of these? " Musa an swered, "Yes;" and Mary added: "Withdraw from your companions, and prepare, for in one month from this you shall come with me." Musa retired from her companions, and related the vision. On the thirtieth day she was at the point of death, and the most holy Virgin again appeared to her and called her. She answered: "Behold, Lady, I come," and sweetly expired.

65. Anna Caterina Gonzaga was married to Ferdinand I., Archduke of Austria, but her husband dying, she entered the religious order of the Servites, and had a crown made, on the globes of which were carved the dolors of the Virgin. She said that for this crown she renounced all the other crowns of earth; and, in fact, refused marriage with the Emperor Rodolph II. When she heard that her younger sister had been crowned empress, she said: "Let my sister enjoy her imperial crown; for these garments with which Mary my queen has clothed me, are to me a thousand-fold dearer." The most holy Virgin appeared to her many times during her life, and at last this good religious died a holy death.

66. A young clerical student playing one day at ball with other young men, and fearing he should lose a ring in his play, which had been given him by a lady, he placed it on the finger of an image of Mary which was near; and he immediately felt impelled to make a promise to the Virgin to quit the world and choose her for his spouse. He made the promise, and Mary pressed his finger in token that she accepted it. But after some time he wished to marry another, and Mary appeared to him and reproached him for his infidelity; wherefore he fled into a desert and led to the last a holy life.

67. About the year 850, Berengarius, Bishop of Verdun, in Lorraine, having entered a church where a certain priest named Bernerio was saying the office of Mary prostrate before the choir, stumbled against him, and in his vexation struck him with his foot. In the night the most holy Virgin appeared to him, and said: How is it that you struck with your foot my servant who was engaged in praising me? Because I love you, "she added, "you must pay the penalty." Then his leg became withered, but he lived and died a saint; and after many years his body, except that leg, remained uncorrupted.

68. A young man who was left wealthy at the death of his parents, by play and dissipation with his friends, lost all that he had, but always preserved his chastity. An uncle, who found him reduced to such poverty by his vices, exhorted him to say every day a part of the Rosary, prom ising him that if he would persevere in this devotion he would procure for him a good marriage. The youth persevered, and having amend ed his life, he was married. On the evening of his nuptials he rose from the table to go and recite his Rosary, and when he had finished it, Mary appeared to him and said: Now I will reward thee for the honor thou hast paid me: I do not wish that thou shouldst lose thy chastity; in three days thou shalt die, and shalt come to me in paradise. And this really happened, for im mediately a fever attacked him. He related the vision, and on the third day died in perfect peace.

69. The devout author of the book in honor of the most holy Rosary, entitled, The Secret of every Grace," relates that St. Vincent Ferrer once said to a man dying in despair: "Why will you ruin yourself when Jesus Christ wishes to save you?" And he answered, that in spite of Christ he would be damned. The saint replied: "And you, in spite of yourself, shall be saved." He began to recite the Rosary with the persons of the house, and behold, the sick man asked to make his confession, made it weeping, and then died.

70. The same author also relates that a poor woman, who was buried by an earthquake under the ruins of a house, was found alive and uninjured, with her children in her arms, by some persons who were employed by a priest to remove the stones. When she was asked what devotion she had practised, she said she had never failed to say the Rosary and visit a chapel of the most holy Mary.


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