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The Glories Of Mary


Examples 31-40

31. In Braganza there lived another youth who left the confraternity and abandoned him self to such vicious courses, that one day in despair, he was going to throw himself into a river. But first he turned to our Lady and said: "Oh Mary, I have served thee in the confraternity, wilt thou help me ? " The most holy Virgin appeared to him and said: "What art thou doing? Dost thou wish to destroy both soul and body ? Go, make thy confession, and return to the confraternity." The youth, encouraged by this, thanked the Virgin, and amended his life.

32. There was once a religious in Spain, who in a fit of passion killed his superior. After committing this crime he fled into Barbary, where he renounced his faith and married, leading afterwards so bad a life that he did nothing good but say a "Hail, oh Queen," daily. One day, being alone, he repeated this devotion, and behold Mary appeared to him, rebuked him, and encouraged him to amend his life, promising him her assistance. He then returned to his house, and was so sorrowful that his wife questioned him as to the cause, and he in tears told her his condition, and the vision he had seen. She took compassion on him, gave him money to enable him to return to his own country, and also consented that he should take one of their children with him. He returned to the monastery, where he shed so many tears of compunction that he was again received, together with his son. he persevered in his holy life, and died with the reputation of a saint.

33. A pupil had been instructed by his master to salute the most holy Virgin in these words: "Hail, oh mother of mercy." When he was at the point of death Mary appeared to him, and said: "My son, do you not know me ? I am that mother of mercy whom you have saluted so many times." Then this servant of the Virgin extended his arms as if to follow her, and gently breathed his last.

34. There was once a sinner who was so abandoned, that he practised no other devotion than that of reciting daily To thy patronage: "Sub tuum presidium." The Virgin one day so greatly enlightened him, that he abandoned his sins, entered religion, led for fifty years an exemplary life, and thus died.

35. In the year 1610, there lived in Turin an obstinate heretic, who even on his death-bed would not be converted by all that was said to him by the various priests who were with him for eight successive days. At length one of them, almost by force, brought him to have recourse to Mary, with these words: Mother of Jesus, help me: "Mater Jesu, assiste mihi." And the heretic, as if awakened from sleep, exclaimed,"I will die a Catholic;" and indeed he became reconciled to the Church, and died in two hours.

36. Another infidel, who was living in India, was about to die, abandoned by all, but as he had heard the Christians so much extol the power of Mary, he had recourse to her, and the blessed Virgin appeared to him, and said: "Behold I am she whom you invoke; become a Christian." He was immediately restored to health, and baptized, and many were converted by the prodigy.

37. There lived in Madrid, in the year 1610, a very devout servant of Mary, who had an especial devotion to an image of her called Mary of Antioch." He married a woman, who through suspicion and jealousy left him no rest. Every Saturday he went barefoot, and early in the morning, to visit that image; but his wife, who suspected him of going elsewhere, once in particular, attacked him so violently, that blinded by impatience, he took a rope and hung himself. But just as his soul was departing, when he could no more help himself, he invoked the help of Mary; and behold a most beautiful lady appeared, who approached him and cut the rope. The people without saw this, and then he narrated the fact. By this the wife was so filled with compunction, that ever afterwards they lived in peace, and devoted to the divine mother.

38. Another person, of Valentia, in 1613, committed a great crime,which he was ashamed to confess, and therefore made sacrilegious confessions. But, being troubled with great remorse of conscience, he went one day to visit the altar of Our Lady of Halle, that he might obtain relief. When he arrived at the door of the church, which stood open, he felt himself thrust back by an invisible power. Then he determined to make his confession, and immediately entered. After making a general confession, he went home entirely consoled.

39. The blessed Adam, a Cistercian, went one evening to visit an altar of the most blessed Virgin in a church; but finding the doors closed, he knelt outside to make his devotions. He was hardly on his knees when he saw the door opening of itself, and he entered. There he beheld the Queen of Heaven, in the midst of great splendor, and she said to him: "Adam, approach; do you know who I am?" Adam answered: "No, Lady; who art thou?" "I am," she said, "the mother of God. Know, that as a reward for thy devotion to me, I will always take care of thee." And then she placed her blessed hand upon his head, and cured him of the great pain he was suffering there.

40. A servant of Mary went one day to visit a church of our blessed Lady, without the knowledge of her husband, and she was prevented by a severe storm from returning that night to her own house. She felt a great fear lest her husband should be very angry with her ; but she recommended herself to Mary, and when she returned home, her husband was very kind and gracious to her. Upon questioning him, she found that the evening before, the divine mother had taken her form, and attended to all the little affairs of the household like a servant. She then related the occurrence to her husband, and they both afterwards practised great devotion to the blessed Virgin.


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