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The Glories Of Mary


Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain her patronage.

OH my most holy mother, I know what graces
thou hast obtained for me , and I see the
ingratitude of which I have been guilty towards
thee. The ungrateful are no longer worthy of favors;
but I will not on this account distrust thy mercy,
which is greater than my ingratitude. Oh my
great advocate, have pity on me. Thou art the
dispenser of all the graces which God grants to
us miserable sinners, and for this end he has
made thee so powerful, so rich, and so merciful,
that thou mightest succor us in our miseries. Ah
mother of mercy, do not leave me in my poveriy.
Thou art the advocate of the most wretched
and abandoned sinners who have recourse to thee,
defend me also, who recommend myself to thee.
Do not tell me that it is difficult to gain my cause,
for the most desperate causes are all gained when
they are defended by thee. In thy hands, then, I
place my eternal salvation, and to thee I commit
my soul. It was lost; thou, by thy intercession,
must save it. I wish to be enrolled among
thy most devoted servants; do not cast me out.
thou dost go in search of the wretched to relieve
them; do not abandon a miserable sinner who has
recourse to thee. Speak for me; thy Son does
whatever thou dost ask of him. Take me under
thy protection, and this will be enough: yes,
for if thou dost protect me I fear nothing: nothing
from my sins, for thou wilt obtain for me the
remedy for the injury I have inflicted upon myself;
nor from the demons, for thou art more powerful
than all hell united; nor from Jesus my
Judge himself; for by one prayer of thine he is
appeased. I only fear that through my negligence
I may cease to invoke thee, and shall thus be lost.
My mother, obtain for me the pardon of all my
sins, love to Jesus, holy perseverance, a good
death, and finally, paradise; especially obtain
for me the grace always to recommend myself to
thee. It is true that these graces are too much
for me who do not merit them, but they are \iol.
too much for thee who art so much beloved by G d
that he grants thee whatever thou dost ask of
him. It is enough that thou dost begin to speak,
and he denies thee nothing. Pray then to Jesus
for me, tell him that thou dost protect me, and
he will not fail to have pity on me. My mother,
I trust in thee; in this hope I repose and live,
and in this I wish to die. Amen.

Live always, Jesus our love and Mary our hope!


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