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A Meditation On The Incarnation Of Christ, Sermons On The Life And
Passion Of Our Lord And Of Hearing And Speaking Good Words. -Thomas A Kempis


OUR beloved Lord Jesus Christ saith, Blessed are they that bear the word of God and keep it. Give heed now to those which here follow.

A good word is praiseworthy. An idle word, is better unspoken. A humble word, very greatly edifies. A mild word, breaketh wrath. A harsh word, troubles hearts. A discreet word, gives understanding. A sweet godly word, makes glad. A comfortable word, is a golden word. A wise word, is very profitable in season. A hasty word, drives away friends. A loose word, is shameful. A sincere word, is worthy of honour. A serviceable word, merits grace. A prudent word, is very precious, and necessary to every man, who wishes to be blameless in his life. IT MUST BE A VERY GOOD WORD OF EDIFICATION, TO BE WORTH MORE THAN SILENCE. It is better to hold one’s peace, than to quarrel. All words are not to be believed, nor to be carried further.

To be silent and endure, acquires peace and gives gladness. As long as you live, you must learn to suffer, to speak little, to pray often, to aid the weak, to shun the evil. To undergo a little, brings much repose. To seek no dignity, to desire no honour, is the straight way to eternal life.

Set your trust and hope in God alone. Be humble and merciful towards the unfortunate without exception. Act according to the counsel of God, and turn from evil paths, thus shall you please God well, and escape the enemy’s snares, by God’s help grow in virtue, and stand firmly from within.

So noble is virtue and a good holy life, that it surpasses all beauty, and wealth and strength, and merits with certainty eternal life. Virtue overcomes all malice, and the vanity of the world, resists the temptation of the enemy, and compels the weak body to obey reason and the Holy Ghost.

God must strengthen us all in virtue, and save us from all sins, that after this mortal life we may be made worthy to go into life everlasting. Amen. In all our needs and at every moment, in every beginning and end, may Mary, the holy Mother of God, assist us, with Jesus, her beloved Son. Amen.

In the year of the Lord 1456.

Ended and written by the hands of brother Thomas Kempis.

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