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A Meditation On The Incarnation Of Christ, Sermons On The Life And
Passion Of Our Lord And Of Hearing And Speaking Good Words. -Thomas A Kempis

I HAVE risen and I am still with thee, alleluia. It is the word of Christ to the Church, and to every faithful soul overwhelmed with sorrow for His Passion: and as it were deprived of all comfort. Christ then rising from the dead addresses her in the spirit: with the joyous greeting of His mouth, He most lovingly consoles her, saying: “I have risen and I am still with thee. I have not forgotten thee: but MINDFUL OF MY PROMISE, as a most victorious conqueror of death I appear to thee, and announce to thee the joys of everlasting bliss; so that thou mayest rejoice with Me in the ineffable glory of the resurrection, which I have received: because I am never to lose it, nor to die again. Yesterday indeed thou didst grieve and weep much for My Passion: but now weep no more; for I have risen indeed: and am still with thee in the presence of majesty, Who suffered from the weakness of the flesh. Now I am crowned with a higher glory, and clothed with the light of immortality: Who the day before yesterday hung upon the cross condemned to a most disgraceful death. For three days I lay in the tomb; but now I live,” saith the Lord thy Redeemer, “and thou shalt live because of Me. This day I have risen from the dead by the glory of the Father; and thou shalt rise on the last day with My Elect raised from the tomb by the power of God: and to be crowned according to thy deserts. Sing therefore in the voice of exultation; and with great thanksgiving offer devout canticles of praise, singing, alleluia: and raising thyself to the heavenly feasts. With heart and voice together rejoice, O daughter of Sion, for the hour of temporal sorrow has passed; and the day of endless joy has returned: the hope of thy glory to come. Let the Jews be sad, who crucified Me; let the gentiles be confounded, who mocked Me: let all those fear, who would not believe in Me. But let THE FAITHFUL rejoice, WHO LOVE ME: let all the peoples be comforted, who, hearing My Passion, grieved and wept. Let the disciples draw near Me, who were scattered and fled: and abandoned Me amid My torments. Let the humble and devout come to Me: let the priests go before and the ministers clothed in white; let all Christians approach My table with supreme reverence: and let all the nations celebrate this day of Easter, on which I rose. For I sun the resurrection and the life; I am the living bread coming down from Heaven: Who give life to the world. I am the good Shepherd, Who feed My sheep, SIMPLE AND OBEDIENT: forsaking their own will, and following Mine IN ALL THINGS. I am the hidden manna, the joy of angels, the pasch of Christians, the happiness of the saints; rejoicing the angels with unveiled vision: and communicating men on earth with My sacrament. Be not therefore troubled, as if despised in the world; be not saddened, as though forsaken of God: be not afraid, as one besieged by enemies. I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT ABANDON thee: I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT CAST THEE OFF; but in much I will prove thee, and by divers trials will lead thee: and as gold in the fire I will try thee and cleanse thee. AND IN TIME OF DISTRESS I WILL APPEAR TO THEE; AND COMFORT THEE BY MY PRESENCE, pouring in the grace of devotion: FIRST GIVING THEE TO DRINK of the wine of compunction, then ANOINTING WITH THE OIL OF GLADNESS; that thou mayest shed tears, and experience wondrous sweetness: and be WHOLLY on fire and melted. Thus, thus will I console them that mourn for Me in this vale of tears; WHO TURN AWAY FROM TRIFLES: and turn to their interior. I have care of thee: and My eyes are upon My faithful; that they may sit with Me in the kingdom of My Father: and see My glory, which I have had from eternity, and have prepared for My friends. I will give them A FULL WAGE: when they also shall rise from the dead glorious and incorrupt. Therefore was it that I endured death, routed hell, overcame the devil; delivered the holy fathers from Limbo, opened the gates of Paradise: that I might bring all My elect into everlasting bliss. But do not think thy-self parted from this joy, or a stranger to the happy fellowship of the saints; for, although thou art still encompassed by mortality, and livest in the midst of temptations: nevertheless later thou shalt enjoy My vision, if thou abidest faithful and constant, following My footsteps even to the end: as I also continued in the love of My Father, obedient even to death. Be therefore strong in temptation, and patient in every tribulation: that thou mayest be a fellow of My eternal glory. Nor give up hope, whatever danger threatens: or however much all human comfort is withdrawn. I AM NOT WONT TO PASS BY THE SAD, OR TO SPURN HIM, WHO PRAYS: but graciously to hear him, who calls to Me with groaning. I try him, who struggles: I will crown him, who perseveres. I suffer my beloved to be tried a while; and when he least thinks it, or DEEMS HIMSELF UNWORTHY OF ANY COMFORT: of a sudden I appear and illumine him unaware. Thus I did with My disciples: and with the dear visitors of My holy sepulchre. For they were in great sadness; they lost all hope, they knew of no comfort: they could not tell what to do, or whither to go. Nothing was MORE DEAR TO THEM meanwhile than to weep BITTERLY, and often to seek: whether they could learn anything concerning Me. But WHEN ALL HELP OF MAN FAILED, AT ONCE THE HELP OF GOD WAS THERE. And it befell them much more happily: than they could have imagined. For I made My angels go before to tell the good news; that they might not remain inconsolate too long: but that, roused to the hope of life, they might look for the King of glory. I delayed therefore to appear at once, that their desire of seeking Me might grow, and they become more purified to see Me; thereby to rejoice more abundantly, when I should be seen, embrace Me more devoutly: and worship with greater reverence. I knew the time and the manner to comfort the sad: and how much the minds of mortal men could hold. I did not therefore despise the desires of the pious, nor reject the grief of the afflicted; but I tried their faith, instructed their ignorance, strengthened their weakness; enkindled their love, cast out their fear. And so by weeping, praying, seeking, knocking, persevering: they merited to behold Him Whom they desired. And I fulfilled the word which I foretold; that’ I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice: and your joy no man shall take from you.’ Thou therefore, hearing this, prepare thee for the grace of devotion; wait patiently until I come, and again I will visit thy heart freeing thee from all distress: and bringing thee to a state of NEW EXULTATION. Then thou shalt be able to sing psalms with joy, and to know by experience: how true and pleasant is that introit, ‘I have risen and I am still with thee, alleluia.’ ”

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