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A Meditation On The Incarnation Of Christ, Sermons On The Life And
Passion Of Our Lord And Of Hearing And Speaking Good Words. -Thomas A Kempis

LORD JESUS CHRIST, true light, eternal and unchangeable, Who to enlighten the darkness of man’s ignorance, didst deign to come down into the prison of this world, to show us the way to the fatherland of everlasting brightness, where with the holy angels Thou art ever present and givest light unfailingly, listen to the prayers of my lowliness, and pour into my heart with gracious generosity that godly light, which Thou didst preach to the world, and command to be preached to all nations through the earth, that I may know Thy way in the land of my pilgrimage, so that leaving the vanity of the world and casting aside the cares of the flesh I may follow Thee my Creator and Redeemer with the steps of love unto the end of my life in all poverty and humility, in patience and longsuffering, in faith, hope and charity, in sobriety, in chastity and perfect obedience. For Thou art the mirror of life and the light of all holiness, Who didst go before me in the way of virtue, that Thou mightest bring me back to the knowledge of truth, enveloped as I was in many errors and sins. Thou didst set Thyself before me as an example of living, so that if I wearied of following any one of Thy saints, at least I might not be slothful to follow Thee my God. And that I might not deem this impossible, Thou didst leave me many thousand examples of saints, who have eagerly followed Thy footsteps.

Give me therefore, most loving Jesus, the fervour of Thy spirit, enkindle in me the fire which Thou camest to send upon earth, that I may despise all these lower things, and desire to live to Thee alone, study to please Thee only, and for Thy love fear not to be contemned and neglected by men. Be Thou my joy, the sweetness of my soul, live with me and I with Thee, shutting out the whole world. Be my teacher and my master, my learning and my wisdom. Following Thee I cannot go astray; looking upon Thee, I will make no account of the words of them that would draw me back. May every toil for Thee seem small to me, every misfortune light, may every burden become bearable. May Thy love work this for me, which helpeth to overcome all things, may also humility of heart follow, which, accomplishing all, deems that it has done nothing worthy. Thou art my expectation and the fulfilment of my desire, Thou my recreation and the enlightenment of my heart, Who never forsakest them that hope in Thee, although Thou suffer them to be tempted for a while, that they may know themselves better and be mindful that without Thee they can do nothing. O only beloved Jesus, abandon me not without consolation in the exile of this world, but do with me as Thou hast said and promised, to go and come again to me in due time, until, when the strife of the trial is over, Thou takest me to Thyself into eternal glory. In which Thou livest and reignest God for all ages of ages. Amen.

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