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I am a man, I am your father, your brother, your husband, your lover . . . your friend. I WANT you to be what you ought to be: a personification of gentleness, understanding, receptivity, loyalty and love.

But while you ask me to regard you as more than a mere sexual object, do not prohibit my doing so by distorting your womanhood. Do not provoke me carelessly with your sexuality if you will resent my responding. Do not be random in giving the treasure of physical intimacies and then expect me to value you more than you value yourself. Do not, especially when we are with others, abandon that modesty that in-dwells your nature, for I depend on you to be my touch-stone of moderation. Do not use crude speech, and mock my efforts to make my words to you respectful. Do not applaud the public vulgarities of those who, in the name of artistic expression, disclose their contempt of women and depict you as a slattern. Do not be fooled by the exploiters who would convince you that femininity is weakness and virtue is retardation. You are strongest when you are most feminine; you progress when you embrace virtue. Remember that I will accept you at your own evaluation of yourself, and if you do not respect the sublime beauty of your womanhood, you cannot ask me to.

I will spend much of my life in concern for your welfare; I will want to provide for you, to protect you, to accept your love and give you mine, for it is only in uniting with you and doing these things that my life becomes truly meaningful.

So, uphold my image of woman, that I may more easily be the man you want me to be.

(John S. Niendorff)


I am a woman, I am your wife, sweetheart, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I need your help; I was created to give to the world gentleness, understanding, serenity, beauty, and love; I'm finding it increasingly difficult to fulfil my purpose; many people in advertising, motion pictures, television, and radio have ignored my inner qualities, and have repeatedly used me only as a symbol of sex. This humiliates me, destroys my dignity, prevents me from being what you want me to be . . . an example of beauty, inspiration, and love . . . for my children, my husband, and of my God and country. I need your help to restore me to my true position, to enable me to fulfill the purpose for which I was created; I know you will find a way.

(Composed by Sy and Jill Miller.)


'A dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat; which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows; and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knees. Furthermore, dresses of trans parent materials are improper.-The Cardinal-Vicar of Pope Pius XI.

1. Marylike is modest without compromise, 'like Mary, Christ's Mother.

2. Marylike dresses have sleeves extending at least to the elbows; and skirts reaching below the knees. (NOTE: because of impossible market conditions quarter-length sleeves are temporarily tolerated with Ecclesiastical Approval, until Christian womanhood again turns to Mary as the model of modesty in dress.)

3. Marylike dresses require full coverage for the bodice, chest, shoulders, and back; except for a cut-out about the neck not exceeding two inches below the neckline in front and in back, and a corresponding two inches on the shoulders.

4. Marylike dresses do not admit as modest coverage transparent fabrics-laces, nets, organdy, nylons, etc.- unless sufficient backing is added. However, their moderate use as trimmings is acceptable.

5. Marylike dresses avoid the improper use of flesh-colored fabrics.

6. Marylike dresses conceal rather than reveal the figure of the wearer; they do not emphasize, unduly, parts of the body.

7. Marylike dresses provide full coverage, even after jacket, cape or stole are removed.

* * *

'Marylike fashions are designed to conceal as much of the body as possible, rather than reveal. This would automatically eliminate such fashions as tight slacks, jeans, sweaters, shorts: shorts which do not reach down to the knees: sheer blouses and sleeveless dresses: etc. The Marylike standards are a guide to instill a 'sense of modesty. A girl who follows these, and looks up to Mary as her ideal and model, will have no problem of modesty in dress. She will not be an occasion of sin or source of embarrassment or shame to others.

Keep this folder with you at all times to use as a guide when buying clothes. Make sure that you purchase only garments which meet the Marylike Standards. 'Be Marylike by being modest-be modest by being Marylike.

ACT OF CONSECRATION TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY FOR PURITY Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Virgin Most Pure, mindful of the terrible moral dangers threatening on all sides, and aware of my own human weakness, I voluntarily place myself, body and soul, this day and always, under your loving maternal care and protection.

I consecrate to you my body, with all its members, asking you to help me never to use it as an occasion of sin to others. Help me to remember that my body is 'The Temple of the Holy Ghost, and to use it according to God's Holy Will, for my own personal salvation, and the salvation of others.

I consecrate to you my soul, asking you to watch over it, and to bring it home safe to you and to Jesus in Heaven for all eternity.

O Mary, my Mother, all that I am, all that I have is yours. Keep me and guard me under your mantle of mercy, as your personal property and possession.

'Jesus, Mary, I love you; save souls!

'O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

IMPRIMATUR: = Albert R. Zuroweste. Bishop of Belleville, Illinois

Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, Sept. 24, 1956


With the grace of God, the virtue of purity is obtained by vigilance and the formation of good habits. To safeguard our purity is part and parcel of learning self-control. All means that can strengthen the will are to be encouraged, whether natural or supernatural, e.g. avoiding bad company, praying. Anything that weakens the will is to be avoided. Countless souls down the ages have preserved and protected THIS NOBLE VIRTUE by the following means:

1. Receive Holy Communion often with great devotion and reverence.

2. Go to Confession regularly, at least once a month but if possible every two weeks or even weekly.

3. Have a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, Mary Immaculate. Say your three Hail Mary's morning and night. In temptation, call earnestly on Our Divine Lord, Our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph. Imitate Our Lady's modesty in dress, speech and behaviour.

4. Avoid people whose conduct offends purity and whose conversation is impure (off-colour stories, doublemeaning jokes, etc.). Avoid suggestive comics, magazines, books and especially avoid bad television, films and videos.

5. Much modern pop music is designed to demoralise by rousing the passions through its beat and suggestive words. Avoid this along with all discos and improper dancing.

6. Always remember that intemperate use of alcohol, and of course drugs, is certainly a near occasion of sins of impurity.

7. Develop various interests for your spare time, such as . . . good reading, art, painting, learn a musical instrument, a useful hobby, gardening, etc.

8. Pray to the Patrons of Purity'Saint Joseph, Saint Dominic Savio, Saint Maria Goretti, your Guardian Angel and others.

O Saint Maria Goretti, who, strengthened by God's grace, did not hesitate, even at the age of eleven, to shed your blood and sacrifice life itself to defend your virginal purity, deign to look graciously on the unhappy human race which has strayed far from the path of eternal salvation. Teach us all, and especially our youth, the courage and promptness to flee for love of Jesus, anything that could offend Him or stain our souls with sin. Obtain for us from Our Lord and Our Lady Immaculate, victory in temptation, comfort in the sorrows of life, and the grace which we earnestly beg of thee, purity in soul and body, so that we may one day enjoy with thee the imperishable glory of heaven. Amen.

Short Prayers to repeat in time of temptation . O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. My Jesus, Mercy!

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love You, save souls.

My Jesus, pardon and mercy, by the merits of Thy Holy Wounds. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee!


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