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To be said by those in distress

In this pain and sadness which weighs me down and for which I can find no human support, I turn to you, Saint Martin. Be my friend and

my protector and intercede for me with our merciful Father in heaven. Ask that my sins be forgiven and that I may be freed from the evils which burden and distract me. Give me your spirit of sacrifice that I may welcome whatever God sends me for love of Him who makes all things a means of holiness.

O Heavenly Father, in the name of your Son and of His Blessed Mother, and by the merits of your faithful servant Martin, help me in my great trouble and do not forsake me. Amen.

* * * *


Well done, thou good and faithful servant; because thou hast been faithful over few things, J will make thee ruler over many things, saith the


V. Pray for us, Saint Martin de Porres.

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

* * * *


O God, the exalter of the humble, Who didst make Saint Martin, Thy confessor, to enter the heavenly kingdom, grant through his merits and

intercession, that we may so follow the example of his humility on earth as to deserve to be exalted with him in heaven. Though Christ our Lord. R. Amen.


O God, Who hast given us in Thy Humble Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the model of all virtue and perfection, grant to us the virtue of humility. We think so little of Thee because we are so full of self. We cannot love Thee more until humility shows us our own nothingness and makes us rejoice in our complete dependence upon Thee.

Thou hast given to the world a glorious apostle of humility, Saint Martin de Porres. Guide us by his example and strengthen u s through his intercessions in our efforts to conform our hearts to the humble Heart of Thy Crucified Son.

Renew, O Lord, in these days, when pride and forgetfulness of Thee are so widespread, the wonders which Thou didst perform through Thy humble servant, Martin de Porres, during his lifetime. We pray that all the world may know of Saint Martin and of the surpassing value of the virtue of humility. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.


BROTHER MARTIN, saintly coloured Dominican, today numbers his grateful clients in tens of thousands. He is our latest saint, a bright star in the spiritual heavens.

Martin was born in Lima, Peru, December 9, 1579. His father was Don Juan de Porres, a Spanish knight; his mother was a coloured woman, Anna Velazquez, a native of Panama. Don Juan, an adventurer, after the birth of a daughter, Jane, Martin's junior, left the hapless mother and children to shift for themselves. The faded record of Martin's baptism is still extant, but only few details of his childhood have come down to us. However, we are told that, in spite of the sordid surroundings of his boyhood, Martin showed himself an exceptional child, especially generous to those even poorer than himself. When his mother sent him to the market, he would often return empty-handed, having given all his basket of provisions to those dying of hunger and neglect. His mother punished him for his prodigality, but Martin often forgot his mother's words when he came face to face with suffering and want. Perhaps he felt that if he bravely took a beating, the scales of justice were more than balanced. At the age of fifteen, Martin felt called to a higher life. He knocked at the door of the Dominican Priory of the Holy Rosary and asked to be admitted as a Tertiary helper. In his humility, he sought the lowest place in the community, and it was not till nine years later that Martin was ordered to become a regular Lay-Brother. Martin soon became a model religious. His industry was unflagging; his obedience and humility most sincere; his spirit of penance extraordinary; and his charity boundless. Martin, Dominican friar, was now ready to carry on a marvellous apostolate among the sick and poor of Peru.

Martin's heart was on fire with love and sympathy for mankind. He sought to relieve want and misery in every form among all classes and conditions of life. His superiors gave him a free hand, knowing that he was absolutely unselfish. Daily he fed nearly two hundred; each week through his success in pleading the cause of the poor, he disbursed about eight hundred pounds' worth of necessities of life among the Indians, Negroes, the Spaniards- the sick, the miserable and the dying. He visited the hovels of the wretched and abandoned. He was an angel of mercy, and often God gave him the power to perform miracles and to foresee the future. Through his efforts the Orphanage of the Holy Cross was erected for the poor waifs and homeless children of Peru. Everywhere he went Martin brought comfort and consolation. All Lima affectionately called him 'the Father of the Poor.

So great was Martin's charity that God even annihilated great distances for the extension of his mission. Thus we have reliable witnesses who declare that Martin'though he spent all his life in South America- helped the Christian captives in Africa and ministered to the sick and poor in Mexico, China and Japan.

When Saint Martin died at the age of sixty, November 3, 1639. great was the grief of all Lima and the surrounding country. Only the knowledge that Martin was now in heaven and only the numerous miracles worked at his tomb were able in some measure to assuage their sorrow. Perhaps, after a while, they began to understand that Martin's mission of kindness, now that he was in Heaven, was to assume worldwide extension.

Martin de Porres was solemnly declared a saint by Pope John XXIII on May 6, 1962. His Feast Day is kept on November 5, and the spontaneous and enthusiastic devotion to this noble Negro leads us to believe that he is a providential patron raised up in these times to teach a cruel and proud world the two outstanding characteristics of his own life- charity and humility.



Saint Martin's Humility

SAINT MARTIN imitated Our Lord, Who was meek and humble of heart. There was no pride or vanity in his soul. He knew that God is our Creator and that we are but His creatures. He understood that God loves us as children and only wants us to be happy. So he submitted entirely to the Holy Will of God. Let us all imitate Saint Martin by humbly doing the Will of God in all things.

Let us pray.

O humble Saint Martin, ask Our Lord to give us the grace of true humility that we may not be puffed up with foolish pride, but may be contented with the gifts that God gives us. Obtain for us the light of the Holy Ghost that we may understand, as you did, that pride is a deceit of the devil and that only by doing the Will of God can we be truly happy. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria


Saint Martin's Love of God

SAINT MARTIN'S whole soul was filled with of God's love. He knew that Almighty God sent His Only Son into the world to suffer and die on the Cross for our sins. His heart was stirred with deep affection for so loving a Redeemer, and his whole life gives evidence of his sincere gratitude. May we, too, learn to love Our Saviour more and more and show our love by our good works.

Let us pray.

O Saint Martin, why are our hearts so cold and lacking in love for the Son of God, Who became a little Child for our salvation? Why are we so slow to love One Who loved us so much that He gave His life for mankind? Ask God to make us realise that the only way to happiness is by loving and serving Him with all our hearts and souls. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria


Saint Martin's Love of the Poor

SAINT MARTIN was called 'the Father of the Poor. He saw in the poor, the sick and the dying the children of God, and he help ed them in a thousand practical ways. He studied medicine so that he might know how to cure the sick. Every day he distributed alms to the poor. He built an orphanage for children. Let us imitate the charity of Saint Martin that God may bless us as He blessed him.

Let us pray.

Dear Saint Martin, teach us to be generous with the gifts that God has given us. Make us sympathetic towards those who are suffering and afflicted. Pray to Our Redeemer and to Our Lady of Mercy that our hearts may not be hardened by sin and selfishness, but that we may always be kind and generous to our neighbours because they are the children of Our Heavenly Father. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria


Saint Martin's Faith

SAINT MARTIN had a lively faith in all the teachings of the Catholic Church because he knew that it was founded by Jesus Chri st, the Son of God, Who can neither deceive nor be deceived. God rewarded Saint Martin's humble faith by enlightening his mind that he might believe the mysteries of our Holy Religion. May God give us the grace always to believe the truths which He has revealed.

Let us pray.

O glorious Saint Martin, we need strong faith in God and His Holy Church, especially in these days when so many people have turned against religion. Bring to a knowledge and love of the true Church the non-Catholic members of your race that they may find the way to salvation and happiness. Ask God to make us faithful soldiers of Jesus Christ in life and in death. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria


Saint Martin's Confidence in God

SAINT MARTIN firmly relied on the goodness and promises of God. He hoped through the grace of God, and the merits of Jesus Christ one day to obtain an eternal reward. We know that Saint Martin's trust in God was not in vain. We, too, are confident that God will forgive us our sins if we are truly sorry and that He will give us everlasting life if we serve Him faithfully by obeying His commandments.

Let us pray.

Saint Martin, help us to have a great trust in Almighty God. Make us understand that He is One Friend who will never desert u s as long as we are true to Him. Keep us from foolishly presuming that we will be saved without doing our part, but keep us also from despair, which forgets the mercy of God. Ask the Child Jesus to increase in our hearts faith, hope, and charity. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria.


Saint Martin's Devotion to Prayer

SAINT MARTIN kept his mind and heart always lifted up to the Creator of all things. His prayer came from the depths of his soul. He constantly turned to God to adore Him, to thank Him, and to ask Him for help. Saint Martin prayed with humility and perseverance, and God was pleased to answer his prayers in miraculous ways. He will pray for us before the Throne of God in Heaven.

Let us pray.

Saint Martin, help us to realise that Christ meant what He said when He promised: 'Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find. Make us faithful in attending Holy Mass and other devotions. Remind us to say our daily prayers to obtain the blessing of God. Ask the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary to obtain for us a share of the treasures of the Holy Rosary. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria.


Saint Martin's Spirit of Penance

SAINT MARTIN was a brave man. He was not afraid of hard work. He did not weakly seek for comforts as we often do. Even though he laboured so hard, he was glad to do severe penances for his sins and for the salvation of souls. If so holy a man did penance s, how much more should we, who have seriously offended Almighty God by our sinfulness!

Let us pray.

Saint Martin, from you we learn how to be courageous and valiant. From your life we learn to avoid idleness and self-seeking. Give us some of that spirit of penance which you had, so that we may be brave in the struggle with temptation. Ask Jesus Crucified to give us the grace to fight the good fight for victory. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria.


Saint Martin's Reward

SAINT MARTIN died a holy and peaceful death. He had spent his life in doing good as a humble Lay-Brother of the Dominican Order. But he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. Soon his heroic life became widely known, and Pope John XXIII solemnly proclaimed Martin de Porres a Saint of God. Let us rejoice that we have such a noble brother among the Saints of God in Heaven!

Let us pray.

Dear Saint Martin, you have been raised up by Almighty God to show us the way to our true home. You have given us the good example and the encouragement that we need. We know from your life that to win the reward of glory we have but to love and serve the Best of Masters. May we ever be humble that we, too, may be exulted unto everlasting life. Amen.

One Our Father, Ten Hail Marys, One Gloria.


Saint Martin's Miracles

SAINT MARTIN performed many miracles during his life and after his holy death. We can go to him with confidence for he will grant our petitions if they are for the good of our souls. His heart is very big, and he loves to help us, he is kind in every way. We have only to tell him our troubles and to ask him to help us. If we do our part we can be sure that our dear friend Saint Martin will do his.

Let us pray.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst inflame the heart of Saint Martin with an ardent Jove of the poor and Who djdst teach him the wonderful joy of true humility and the wisdom of accepting God's Holy Will, grant that, like him, we may be ever truly humble of heart and full of Christ-like love for suffering humanity. Deign, we beseech Thee, that, by imitating the holy life and enjoying-the powerful help of this saintly Negro, the whole world may be drawn nearer to Thee, the Saviour of the human race. Who livest and reignest, with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.

One Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. One Gloria.

'We confess that we feel a special paternal affection, Which is certainly inspired by heaven, for the Negro people dwelling among you; for in the field of religion and education we know that they need special care and comfort and are very deserving of it. We there fore invoke an abundance of heavenly blessing and we pray fruitful success for those whose generous zeal isdevoted to their welfare. (Pope Pius XII, letter of November 12, 1939, to the American Hierarchy.)

INVOCATION TO ST. MARTIN 'In the name of the Most Holy Trinity,

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,

In the name of Mary, Queen of Heaven,

In the name of Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church,

Saint Martin, cure (help) me (him, her)

For the honour and glory of God

And the salvation of souls.

Invocation to be said when applying the Saint Martin relic, picture or medal to the sick, or when held in the hand by those who are in need.


Most humble Martin de Porres, whose burning charity embraced not only thy needy brethren, but also the very animals of the field, splendid example of charity, we hail and invoke thee! From that high throne which thou dost occupy, deign to listen to the supplications of thy needy brethren that, by imitating thy virtues, we may live contented in that state in which God has placed us, and, carrying our cross with strength and courage, we may follow in the footsteps of Our Blessed Redeemer and His most afflicted Mother, to reach at last the Kingdom o f Heaven through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Printed with Ecclesiastical Approval, Sydney, 6/6/62.


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