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Rosaries, medals, church goods, holy icons, art, media


Here you will find for yourself or as gifts for family and friends, rosaries, patron saint medals, bibles and inspirational books, religious jewelry, crosses and crucifixes, statues, figurines, holy water fonts, scapulars, rosary boxes and keepsakes, sports medals, pet medals and more! We also offer movies and music, dvd's and cd's. We have added a beautiful selection of Eastern Orthodox icons that can open whole new worlds to anyone not yet familiar with them.[/i]
Shop for holy seasons and special occasions, Easter, Christmas, Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Wedding and Anniversary gifts. We carry beautiful Nativity sets, traditional Italian designs, distinctive Hummel nativities, nativity sets for children, and other treasured heirlooms. We are pleased to carry four new lines of Church supplies, including statuary and other liturgical items of high quality at competitive prices.
A feature of Catholic-Collectibles is our Shop by Brand option. We carry your favorite brands including Creed rosary beads and jewelry, the entire line of Bliss fine, handcrafted medals, patron saint medals, crucifixes and crosses with over 6,000 choices, the Vatican Library Collection, recreations inspired by historic art from the Vatican Library, the McVan collection of magnificent rosaries and art, the beloved Hummel line, Salerni sterling silver images and boxes, beads made with Swarovski crystal, Ghirelli's stunning rosaries, and the elegant HMH collection and more!
You will find Catholic-Collectibles to be different from other online retail sites. It is not only a retail site, but a labor of love. I believe that all things related to the faith should be treated with reverence, and so I have designed the website graphics accordingly. In the same vein, I have written product and category descriptions that truly reflect our Catholic culture and sacred traditions. The new Catholic-Collectibles, although a much bigger and grander store, continues to offer the same personal service to our customers as always!

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